Saturday, December 02, 2006

World's Best Dermatologist?

Came across an advertisement in our local daily announcing the Festive Season Special Offer by one 'Dr Murad'. In the advertisement he claims to have been voted the 'World's Best Dermatologist'.

I immediately brought this piece of information to the attention of my dearest wife who is suffering from atopy eczema. She has seen so many skin specialist that sometimes when she happens to be attended by a doctor who is sitting in for the specialist at the government hospital, she ends up telling him what medication she wants. That's how experienced in skin matters she is. So, when I tell her about this 'World's Best Dermatologist', she asks to read further to find out who awarded him that title.

I read the fine print and it says 'VOGUE Magazine, Aug 2001 - LA USA'. When I gave her the information, she says that magazine is to cater for women's vanity. It's not a medical journal to give out such titles. Anyway, "LA USA is not the world." she says.

How true. It is typical of the Americans though. Whatever they do, they will declare it world standard or universal standard even though it is only their backyard. No wonder they lost in Vietnam and are now stuck in Iraq. They don't bother about the rest of the world but declare themselves champions of the world.

Coming back to this 'World Dermatologist', I was curious to see what a world class dermatologist had to offer us Malaysians.
1. Black heads and White heads
2. Pigmentation and uneven skin tone
3. Fine lines and wrinkles
4. Acne scars and blemishes

No wonder VOGUE was interested in this guy. His playing field was right down their front yard! I thought he might have some news for those suffering from soriasis or eczema or some other skin deseases that millions of people are suffering from.

This is capitalism in its truest form in a democratic society. Make money where you can and when you can and from whoever you can.

Well, that's life!


R.Dior said...

oh shut up, your in America now sweety
so gt some lotion or something and throw it on her face knowone cares for your thoughts of this fine country

Siva said...

I am not in America and I am not your sweety. I think a lot of people are reading this article and your comment. I think it sucks!

Anonymous said...


You display quotes from the bible, from confucius, and aristotle but based on your remarks you are really a close minded and resentful little indian man. how sad.

Learn some tolerance, quit bitching about the worlds problem and make some change.

In less words: walk the way you talk little friend.

Siva said...

I know what I am doing and how I am walking. Who are you? The cosmetics salesman? Making money out of people's miseries? Can you sleep well? Go look in the mirror before making any judgement on others.

Krista said...

I think the people that responded to this blog post are pathetic and it saddens me that these individuals have so much anger and resentment inside that they feel so entitled as to misdirect their obscene natures onto a man who is simply expressing his opinion about an issue he's come across. I think the blog makes incredible points about researching a title. Period. The POINT of a blog is to vent, share, discuss one's point of view on a topic/situation/etc. The respondents of this blog should be ashamed of themselves.
Blogger - I hope your wife has found some healing in her struggles. It saddens me that people would EVER be so pointed and rude in their responses. I am a 29 yr old American girl, and I would NEVER ever dream of saying the things these responders posted on your blog. Shame on them. God Bless you and your wife, I will say a prayer for her skin's health.

Xiai Na said...

The first two comments seem like those of sad little cowards to me.
I'm a girl of 16 with skin problems that I don't even understand despite the countless dermatologists I've seen since I was 3 or 4. One said that it should get better by the time I turn 20, and it seemed that way for a few years until all my health problems suddenly plunged at the beginning of this year. I even saw an ayurvedic doctor, but his treatment actually seemed to make my skin problem and asthma worse.
About an hour ago, I had a horrible allergic reaction and decided that maybe the internet might be of some help, so I was Googling for world-class dermatologist because ones I've seen in Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia haven't helped me, and I came across this.
On the search page, I think your post was the only one that referred to any actual skin disease rather than cosmetic dermatology, and I have to say, this all seriously sucks.
As bad as my condition is right now, breathing and heart pace problems and all, I know for sure that millions out there have it even worse, and all the people seem to care about is vanity.
WE actually need help and medical attention, and you would think doctors out there would actually come to realize this, rather than waste their knowledge on shallow people think they now have looks that somehow make them superior.
I hope your wife receives the medical care she needs and deserves, or at least some way of easing her condition.

Siva said...

Thank you for your comments. At the moment my wife is taking a olive-oiled based supplement and it seems to be helping her a bit. The rashes are more controllable tho' not completely gone. She still suffers from rashes on her scalp and sweat-prone areas but the condition is more bearable now. She is one of those who are highly allergic so she also suffers from constant infection of the throat. Anyway there is no cure at the moment, so you will only have to learn to live with it. Hope this is helpful and God Bless!

shobith said...

sir i have recurring hair folliculitis.. i have tried many antibiotics but have not cured from it..!! wat do i do..??

Siva said...

Dear Shobith, I am not a doctor. Please consult a doctor.

cyrusylvain said...

Siva, until you've lived with severe acne and scars that disfigure your whole face, I'd shut your mouth about saying that it's "Just vanity."

Siva said...

Dear Cyrusylvain,
You are barking up the wrong tree. Read my article and comments slowly so you will understand that I am writing to support people with eczema!

Siva said...

Looks like this cyrusylvain is not a true blogger. Just set up the account this month(Dec 2011) to attack me. Must be working for the magazine or the "dermatologist". Just another coward.

Battuvshin Tudev said...

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